Santa Ride!

Santa Ride! 2

Play Santa and deliver Christmas gifts all around the world


  • Aimed at children
  • Colorful graphics


  • Simple, few options

Not bad

Santa Ride! 2 lets you put yourself in Santa’s shoes and drive his sleigh all around town, delivering Christmas gifts.

If you ever dreamt of being Santa, this is your chance. With Santa Ride! 2 you can take the reins of Santa’s sleigh and help him deliver the Christmas gifts children are waiting for. This task may sound simple, but it’s harder than it seems.

Santa Ride! 2 is a game essentially aimed at children, with colorful graphics and lots of seasonal stuff: Christmas decorations in game menus, Christmas carols as background music and a white landscape to travel around with your sledge.

If you’re looking for a Christmas-themed game, Santa Ride! 2 won’t let you down. Beyond that, however, this is a fairly simple game with few options and challenges.

Santa Ride! 2 is a simple Christmassy game, mainly aimed at children.

Santa Ride!


Santa Ride! 2

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